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YAY for spring and BYE FELICIA to sick season! Browse our travel tips and spring forward pointers.

Spring Break Travel:

  • If possible, book flights or begin road trips in the early morning. Babies tend to do better when they’re fresh off a good night’s sleep.

  • If you’re flying, offer a pacifier, bottle, sippy cup or nurse as you ascend and descend to help alleviate any ear pain.

  • We promise you you’re not the first person with a crying baby on an airplane! If baby’s fussy, try to stay calm. They feed off of your energy.

  • Don’t stress over nap times on travel days. Let them nap when they can and keep night-time sleep consistent.

  • Offer the same great sleep associations you do at home when you travel to help baby transition. Pack a loud white noise machine, pack n’ play, swaddle, and you’ll be good to go!

  • Roomy closets make great places for baby’s pack n play so they’re extra dark. If you’re in tight quarters or know the only option is a brightly lit room, we’ve had great success with The Slumber Pod. *check our recommendations blog post for a coupon code

  • If you get a little off schedule on your trip, expect a day or two of adjustments when you get home, but rest assured baby did not forget all the healthy sleep habits you helped them develop!

Spring Forward:

  • On Saturday, March 11th, put baby to bed at regular time.

  • Move clocks forward one hour.

  • On Sunday, March 12th, get baby up within 15-20 mins of “new” wake up time.

  • Do everything according to the new clock time on Sunday. This means all meals and sleep times.

  • The younger they are, the more important it is to start the day on time.

  • Why not a gradual adjustment? Putting a baby to bed later, never equates sleeping in;)

Bonus Tips:

  • Invest in true black-out curtains to prevent early waking and bedtime battles.

  • Sunday morning, bask in that sun! Fresh air and sunshine first thing in the morning will help reset their internal clock.

  • As best you can, avoid all screens two hours prior to bedtime.

As always, email if you’re in need of sleep support. Rest well!

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