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No Added Stress

Nothing gets attention quite like a baby. Their smiles, the sounds they make, and their little bodies attract anybody and everybody. Among questions like how many months are they?” “What’s his/her name?” you also hear things like “are they a good sleeper?”

Why is there a stigma to babies being “bad” if they don’t sleep well? This judgment shouldn’t be placed on mothers and their little ones. Ask any mom, and they will be able to list many qualities that make their baby special. Children meet milestones at different times in their lives. Some will quickly master the front-to-back rollover but take their time learning to crawl. Googling “when will my baby…” is a habit we need to break.

Let’s remind ourselves, “comparison is the thief of joy.” Rather than worry about why the next leap is taking longer to master, let’s trust in our little one’s development timeline.

There are so many challenges that come with being a mother. Placing undue stress on yourself is a burden.

Please reach out if we can help navigate sleep, feeding, development, and infant care concerns. We are here to complement your trusted pediatrician’s guidance and work on a plan to set you up for success you feel confident with.

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