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Importance of Sleep

Any new parent has heard the warnings, “be ready to never sleep again!” It’s almost a right of passage to compete with other parents about who is getting less sleep. Being a girl that loves her rest, I found this incredibly daunting. Would I ever sleep again? Will my baby ever be on a schedule? I feared for the worst. Sleep is vital in order to keep your mind and body healthy. In a time when you require a sharp mind and strong mental health, lack of sleep is not the answer. This is true for you and your new baby.

Feeling exhausted when you’re a new parent is easy, finding the time to rest is the hard part. Many mom’s feel pressure to get home and return to “normal” tasks like laundry, vacuuming and cooking. It is essential to your postpartum recovery and mental health to take the time to recuperate. Let the chores fall to the wayside for a bit and give all your energy to taking care of yourself and your baby. Don’t worry about the way your house looks when visitors come by. Chances are they’ve been in your shoes, and they’re there to see your baby not judge your house.

One thing I had to learn was to accept help. If friends or family members offer to come help with the baby, provide meals or even take your older kiddos off your hands, let them! This also meant help from my husband. I felt I had to be in charge of everything. Every feeding, every bath, every soothing walk. I finally let go of my control and tag teamed with him. This is possible for breastfeeding mothers too by pumping before you go to sleep and using a bottle. My husband appreciated the time with our baby and was happy to help.

Something I did not know was how much my little one would sleep. I of course worried he was sleeping TOO much. I quickly learned how important sleep is for newborns’ mental and physical growth. Good sleep is the building blocks to cognitive development. Your baby’s brain is growing as they nap which will lead to the development of language, fine/gross motor skills and much more.

Having professional help is a great way for you and your little one to establish a healthy sleep routine. Whether it be a Nightingale helping at night, or one of our consultation options, these services can assist new parents and provide a source of much needed comfort. Rather than focusing on “never sleeping again”, practice healthy habits to ensure adequate rest now and later. We are here to help!

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