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The Rest Registry: Because everyone deserves some Z’s

Parenthood is a beautiful journey but comes with its fair share of challenges, especially for new parents. As friends and family, there's a heartfelt desire to help ease the transition into this new chapter of life. That's where Newborn Nightingales' Rest Registry steps in, offering an innovative and thoughtful way to support parents during these precious early days. What is the Rest Registry? The Rest Registry by Newborn Nightingales is a unique initiative designed to give parents the support they deserve. Through this registry, parents can receive donations that can be used for any Newborn Nightingale service. The flexibility of this registry allows parents to choose services that cater to their specific needs, ensuring personalized and meaningful support. How Does It Work? Registering for the Rest Registry is incredibly easy. Parents-to-be can complete a simple form outlining their preferences and requirements. Once the registry is set up, friends and family can share the donate button. This streamlined process makes it convenient for loved ones to contribute, offering a helping hand to the new parents.

Get started with The Rest Registry Why Choose the Rest Registry? Versatility: Donations received through the Rest Registry can be utilized for various services, including consultations, baby care product recommendations, or professional help for specific tasks. This versatility ensures that parents receive assistance tailored to their unique circumstances. Emotional and Practical Support: More than just material items, the Rest Registry offers emotional and practical support to parents. It's a gesture that goes beyond the surface, expressing care and solidarity during a significant life transition. Perfect for Celebrations: The Rest Registry isn't just for parents-to-be. Anyone can sign up for a registry, and it also makes a fantastic gift idea for baby showers, including the increasingly popular "sprinkles" for second-time parents. Hosts can set up the registry, and guests can contribute, collectively offering a meaningful present that makes a difference. How Can You Get Involved? Signing up for a Rest Registry is a wonderful way to prepare for parenthood. Alternatively, if you're hosting a baby shower or sprinkle, consider starting a registry on behalf of the parents-to-be. It's a gesture that brings the community together and provides invaluable support to the mom and baby.

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