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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2024

Updated: Apr 30

mother's day gift ideas 2024

Of all the people worth splurging on, moms make the top of the list. If there’s a new mom in your life — whether it be your wife, daughter, friend, or coworker — this Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pamper her and show her how much you care. 

With 10+ years of experience in newborn consulting and infant care — and being mamas ourselves — our Newborn Nightingales team is revealing the best Mother’s Day gift ideas 2024 down below. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2024

Unsure what to gift a new mom on her special day? Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas 2024: 

This dermatologist-recommended body oil improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It softens skin for all types, tones, and textures and can be used on your face or body. 

Heating pads are ideal for relieving muscle pain, reducing joint discomfort, improving circulation, minimizing stress, and improving relaxation. However, they also support breastfeeding and pumping. One study found that warming up breasts increases the amount of breast milk, facilitating infant nutrition and recovery.

A breastfeeding pillow makes for a fantastic Mother’s Day gift, as it significantly increases nursing comfort. Infantino’s Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow is suitable for a variety of nursing positions, machine-washable, and highly acclaimed. 

Newborn Nightingales Gift Card

A Newborn Nightingales’ Gift Card or Rest Registry account is a fantastic way to gift new mothers the support (and sleep!) they deserve. Recipients can put their funds toward any of our services including consultations, daytime doulas, overnight care, and more. And if you don’t see what you need? Simply let us know! All our services can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Babies are often comforted by white noise, as it mimics the sounds of the womb. Therefore, we recommend using a white noise machine as part of your baby’s nighttime routine

A portable bassinet is the ideal Mother’s Day gift for moms on the go. Weighing only 12 lbs, it’s easy transport and offers a safe, firm, and flat sleep surface wherever necessary. 

As infant care pros, we can attest that breastfeeding takes its toll on a mama’s nipples. However, Earth Mama’s Nipple Butter helps soothe nipples before and after breastfeeding or pumping. Additionally, it offers incredible relief and intense moisture on dry lips, cuticles, and skin. 

Lila and Hayes offers a vast selection of pajamas for both mamas and their kids! We love how many of them are breastfeeding-friendly.

The SlumberPod is the holy grail of Mother’s Day gift ideas 2024 – and for good reason! From shared spaces to family adventures, it provides uninterrupted sleep for your little one anytime, anywhere. And it’s recommended by more than 250 sleep consultants and doctors. 

Use the code ‘newbornnightingales$20 for a discount at checkout.

Infant Care Houston

If you were searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas 2024, we hope today’s blog post offered a bit of inspiration. As infant specialists in Houston, DFW, and beyond, our Newborn Nightingales team is passionate about helping families transition into parenthood. 

Browse the services on our website or get in touch with our team to discover what we can do for you.

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