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Newborn Nightingales® offers many options supporting families with newborns to young or night. All of our services can be tailor-fit to meet any family's needs. If you have a special request, please let us know!


Consultations are great for first time parents or seasoned parents who need support navigating new concerns. Consultations adapt to your needs and include follow up support to ensure you are supported the way you deserve to be.


The one thing new parents need is sleep! Having nighttime support improves recovery time, strengthens parental relationships, decreases risk for postpartum depression and supports healthy breastfeeding.

Daytime Doula

Postpartum doulas can help with emotional and physical recovery from birth to much-needed support and everything in between. 

Rest Registry®

Newborn Nightingales is excited to offer Texas' only registry helping parents get the much-needed support they deserve.

Do I really need infant care support or a consultation?

Parenting is among the most challenging jobs in life and we all know babies do not come with an instruction manual. For moms who have been through the demands of pregnancy and childbirth, the gift of professional support is precious. Not only will our experienced Nurses and Nightingales help you get the rest you deserve, they are a wonderful resource for infant care, establishing great nighttime routines, fostering healthy safe sleep habits, and addressing infant concerns that arise.


 She’s slept through the night the past 4 nights. Thank you for all of your help!!!! You help change people’s lives. 

Megan B.

Meet Melissa

The Original Newborn Nightingale

Melissa founded Newborn Nightingales in 2012 and is committed to helping parents establish a nurturing, caring, and calm environment. She places only the most qualified Nurse and Nightingales, training all of her team members on best practices for developmentally appropriate newborn care and fostering safe, healthy sleep habits.

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